Snippets (struggling for survival)


We keep knitting despair into dreams

Into the woolen distress of wintry

Deflections. These diminutive

Expectations have left us inorganic,

Invertebrate. We were meant to grow

Old together not to settle into our graves

At the first sign of controversy


Your eyes, like a gannet pull from

Caesious’ pools the black aperture

Of an animated discernment.

Beneath your gaze I am blinded,

Wounded by a love armored ironically

Against casualty. I know that you see

Me as prey, as the ineffectual struggle

Of a lesser intelligence.


Though aureate I remain servile, invisible

My hands even in propulsion only skim

The surface, yet my heart lies fathoms

Down dredged through the osseous silt

Of a dehumanized profession


It is said that those who succeed need

Only to possess an extraordinary will,

Talent does not elevate in cases of

Inertia and genius, despite its impressive

Proportions, is often impotent. Mediocrity,

On the other hand, is known above all

For its prevalence and persistence it is a

Condition we strive to dispossess because

It does not lend well to survival. Yet, it is

Paradoxically and precisely because of this

Exertion that those who are considered

Average are more likely to flourish


Why must I be resigned to ineptitude?

Why must my graceless heart wrestle

Eternally with another’s disbelief?

Why am I unsuitable, unlovable,

Unredeemable as is?


(A gannet is a bird noted for its diving-fishing abilities. Caesious is blue-grey I never know the words for colors so I always have to look them up. I recently watched a very inspiring talk on the subject addressed in Paradox somehow though I manage to be average and given to inertia lol But its still nice to know that the key to success is effort and that looks, intelligence, talent, and even thank god social finesse have a lot less to do with it then we think! The time for trying is over we must do!)