Ponytail by Last Exit

Her hair,

Murder of crows

In hysteria tossed

Like the smoke of extinguished stars

Falling in funereal succession.

Her lips slide against my appeals

Like velvet eclipsing

My hands arrest

Her hair

Submission for

Magpie Tales # 170


41 thoughts on “Starless

  1. That has to include two of my favourite ever introductory lines to a poem…her hair, murder of crows…amazing, how do you think of these things??? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Helen, if I told you that I’d have to kill you lol I really don’t know I think I am just very abstract in my thinking. You are supremely creative Helen =)

  2. The smoke image really got me in there….you are a past master at constructing portals i think…tomorow im sure i willl see a crow, thats how these things go, and thanks… It will be still up to me to work out what the hell it means ..i love this power that good art has, to inspire.

  3. You know? When you have a poetic form that demands such attention to syllables, the finished product can sometimes seem so contrived … you have done this form proud by making the scene you create work with the form effortlessly! Well done!

  4. “Her hair,

    Murder of crows”

    Wow, from those best-ever opening lines you crafted the most marvelous poem. Those opening lines could also set up a play, a novel, a movie…..hell, even a symphony!

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