Prompt 2 Fear


The theme this week is fear and while last week’s prompt was dedicated to poetry this weeks submissions aren’t limited to poetry so feel free to submit short stories, songs, photos etc. You can take a serious approach or a lighthearted one. Since my writing is usually very serious I decided to go for a lighter approach, I don’t usually write humor so this was a new experience for me! Rather than reveal a fear you can also tell a ghost story and scare the rest of us! You can also of course relay something true, some societal horror or what not. I am very flexible to interpretations so really just run wild. Please try to read and comment on everyone’s submissions. Just click the Mister Linky to add a submission and to locate the submissions of other participants =) I really am scared of centipedes btw and this is a true story. My submission is below.


There I was, entrenched in monologue

Not one of those monologues confined

To introspective silence but one whose

Animated vocalization calls into question

Sanity, when I heard it, a scream so shrill

That it chips away at the enamel, a scream

So eerie that it abrades the bones and nerves

Simultaneously, like the application of

Keratin to slate. For a moment I wondered

If the sound resided within my own body

The screeching of my neurons grinding to

A halt as if my own company were not

Proving sufficiently stimulating!


Turning slowly to the wall, which I found

In disagreeable proximity to my face, I saw it

Three inches of shuddering exoskeleton,

Three inches of commensurate insect limbs

Poised vertically on an otherwise naked

Surface, impossible to deny. A rust-colored

Centipede shrieking in agony whether at

The imposition of my presence or at the

Content of my externally projected thoughts

I can’t say but there it was, omitting an

Earsplitting electrical pulse like the

Magnetostriction of a cathode ray

Television suspended in my direct

Line of vision and there I was

All 64 inches of tremulous

Endoskeleton screaming at the

Top of my lungs as I ran out

The door. Dignity? What dignity?!

79 responses to “Prompt 2 Fear

    • I am going to suggest to you that you keep your ‘prompt site’ separate from your individual blog. You are just getting the prompt off the ground. Why not start a separate blog just for the prompt rather than mixing it in with your blog? Just an idea….that way YOU can link your poem right in the ‘prompt site’ as well. Rather than having it right WITH the prompt. Anyway, it is up to you. Thanks for the mention of Poetry Jam and Poets United, both of which I am involved with. Anyway, I will try to visit you every Sunday to see what’s going on….

  1. I clicked the link to link to my post but it didn’t seem to link to yours so I’m not sure what happened – let me know if it doesn’t register for you.

  2. Going to bed soon mlm – and I am certain ‘fear’ will overtake my thoughts and delay sleep -mind buzzing with ideas now!

    Will link when put into words – which probably wont be today…

    Until then.

    Anna :o]

  3. hahaha all dignity goes out the window in that moment eh? its interesting how our fears magnify things…your descriptions def set the tone for this as well…

    have an older short story piece that i wrote…one of my favs…

  4. Good topic. I will come back later today hopefully. Enjoyed your poem on your fear of centipedes. I still REALLY hate bugs…but I had to get over it when I was living alone and there was no one to get rid of them besides me. If a centipede appeared, no one would care if I screamed. I had to deal with it. LOL. Necessity ruled fear finally.

    • I was still a kid with the centipede hence being able to hear that high-pitched sound. I am probably too old to hear them now lol I am married but my husband is scared of bugs too so we take turns. Centipedes are the scariest to me so he deals with those and I have to deal with earwigs “shudders” I look forward to your submission =)

      • I have NEVER heard that high pitched sound. I truly do hate them too, but I will do what I have to do. Good that your husband deals with them now. I have written my ‘fear’ poem now. It is current, about my real fears of ‘today.’ I will be making the rounds to see what others have written.

  5. Centipedes? Ha Ha Ha! How can a creature with so many legs move so slowly? I guess more legs doesn’t equal more speed. I think God must have run out of normal creatures to invent so he made something ridiculous just for fun. But it’s not even that bad . . . consider the millipede.

    Fear, this is a great prompt for me. Fits into my dark side which is what I really like to write about.

    • I have seen a centipede run at top speed because one actually charged me! That particular one was fast as hell like the fucking flash seriously lol You know they can be very poisonous and it is supposed to burn like hell when they bite I haven’t been bitten though. My husband got stung by something that actually made a small chunk of his flesh just fall off once. I am okay with millipedes they look less creepy lol I look forward to your submission!

  6. The ending made me smile but it is so true ~

    Interesting to see your challenges and will have to link up some time ~

    Have a good Sunday ~

  7. I’m just starting to get the hang of things on wordpress. I like the poem and would love to contribute. Looks like a lot of fun and a great way for writers to get familiar with each other’s work.

    • Indeed I will. I must have added the incorrect link, as someone informed me. I wasn’t sure I even succeded, but I’ll try to get it right next time, applogies!

  8. I’ve never encountered a centipede and don’t wish to! I’m generally not scared of bugs but don’t relish when I find them crawling on ME! I’m one of those crazies that tries to capture and release them unharmed, except mosquitoes which I despise!

  9. I enjoyed your centipede poem!

    I’ve posted an old limerick of mine about fear and superstition. Sunday’s the launch of my weekly Limerick-Off challenges. So I fear that keeps me too busy to write something new today. But I’ll try to get back later this week with a new fear poem. Thanks!

  10. Yeah when I went to work last Monday one of those leggy little critters was waiting to scare the crap out of me when I turned my light on, talk about bugging out ๐Ÿ˜‰ – very good, keep mixing it up with your writing, as someone once said to me – humor is gold.

  11. Finally linked up mlm!

    Sorry – must go to bed now (work tonight) – should have been in bed hours ago!
    So will read others entries when I get up and tomorrow morning.

    Anna :o]

  12. I hope you do add a separate blog for your prompts as I am most interested. Also, you wrote about me. That would be me screaming like I was being murdered at the sight of a bug, especially a centipede! Well done!

    • Thanks Maggie =) I am not all savvy with creating websites and it would have to be free lol I still haven’t figured out how to add a Blog Roll, I am pretty hopeless I am afraid

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  14. Wish I could just barp saying- huh…you scared of centipedes, but Alas, I got better and grave phobias….for all kinda insects and reptiles ๐Ÿ˜›
    Nice take on the prompt ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I read the submission under Mr. Linky on Fear Prompt (which is fabulous) was it a combination of the two prompts, is there another poem somewhere? Or did you only mean you wrote a poem for this prompt lol Forgive me if my brain has abandoned me

      • I up loaded 2 separate poems Prick of loneliness and losing you fear. Both mr linkys were still open to allow more poems to be added. I hope that was clear of mud…

    • That’s fine if ever you are late but still want to respond to a prompt just link your poem to the most recent prompt so everyone is sure to see it with a little note as to what prompt your are responding to =) I am always happy to see you!

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