Maternal limbs

Cradle expectancy

An embryonic wind

Folds in on itself


The sky is oblate,

Like a mirror

Dusted with



The cumulus settles

Behind my eyes

Lying on the

Grass, carbon

Paper thin,





Behind a noh mask

The sun casts

Tragic silhouettes


Blackened clouds exhume

Spectral ambiance


(Sorry guys but I really couldn’t produce anything today migraine, coupled with a high fever equals no sustainable thoughts. These are impressions I got looking out the window in a feverish/medicated stupor lol I must have looked for an hour for pictures of girls at windows of skies and not one of them felt right)


6 thoughts on “Sky

  1. your imagery brought me back to the times i suffered in the web of muddled migraines,perhaps saying more than you think. i hope you are feeling better 🙂

    1. Thank you so much. I hope you are feeling better now and that those migraines are well in the past! I am really looking forward to being healthy and being able to think again!

  2. Well there is a point for getting older then! I had a spinal tap some years ago before that I had no idea what a headache was! I never had a problem with headaches when I was young, now that I am in my 30s I get them sometimes, sometimes even migraines. My mom gets migraines once a year and for like 2-3 days she has to shut herself up in a dark room and just sleep in a medicated stupor.

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