My bat-like  psyche hangs inverted

From the bough of a restive elm

The stars are my familiars

They anoint and endow me

 A shaman poet

I drink of ink and ether equally


My eyes are composed of dark matter

They remain poised beneath felt lashes

Dare me and I’ll unmake the world


I surrender savage and Mesozoic

To instincts and intuitions

Bone dragons nest inside my entrails

Lungs articulating fire, spleen an oil well

My language is unpalatable

Toxic when combined

With the nectar of a foreign tongue


I know the dusk, I have borne her

My vestal daughter courting

Elysian nocturnes, her coronet

Is lined with violets and chrysoprases

She adjusts her moods to my psychophoria

She understands me

But would never knowingly

Become me


My first attempt at a Jabberwocky I was inspired by the posts below =) I was insanely busy on Sunday (my daughter starts kindergarten today!) so I had to write this on the tram on the way to the shopping center to get school supplies lol  Psychophoria is one of my favorite words but it’s not a word exactly because I made it up (it is derived from psychosis and euphoria so happy madness)

Anja’s Post


Kyanna’s Post


20 thoughts on “Psychophoria

  1. “I drink of ink and ether equally”…..ugh LOVE IT! My brilliant writing friend. 🙂 Thank you for the mention as well.

  2. a shaman poet…smiles…drinking ink…coolness…the eyes of dark matter is another cool visual as well…
    best wishes to your daughter at kindergarten today as well….

  3. Powerful writing, fantastical images, eyes of dark matter, I particularly like that one. You continue to intrigue with the juxtaposition of words to create phrases I’d never dream of. Wow good stuff!

  4. You always have such powerful imagery. I love this: “Bone dragons nest inside my entrails”

    1. I love working with imagery that is one of my favorite parts when writing. I am not a visual person wheras a lot of people see their thoughts I have have almost no mental pictures (when I dream it is still somewhat indistinct). Maybe the childhood eye operation messed me up lol Often people point things out to me and I literally cannot percieve them even though they are right in front of my face and my vision isn’t terrible. I have literally read signs that people are standing in front of because I can’t see the people this absolutely baffiles my husband who thinks I have some weird x-ray vision thing going on but I don’t think I can see through things my brain just omits random people and objects. When I write I can experience visual stimuli even if I don’t get the nifty picture

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