My fingertips defenseless against a damp cheek

Surrender to your star-infused misery, it is better to

Suffer than defend against a transient mood. Better

To bend than to harden. Happiness creeps in through

The cracks, let not armor, perfect. Broken you still stand

Straighter than I do. Heroine of mine, committed to the

Constellations, freed the gravity of a weak man’s hesitations

I raise my eyes to meet yours. Of what use is it to question

My worth when you have chosen me of your own volition?

Of what use is it to resist a necessary entropy? To know

Divinity we have but to speak our truth and I will not

Falter in the face of my demons now that you’ve rendered

Them concrete, conquerable and I will not falter in the

Face of my angels now that your devotion has swept me

Into mercuriall skies that I might surpass expectation


The female heroine is the poem is my muse. I am a read/write learner no surprise there! Everything I know about myself has mostly been discovered through my poetry. Thanks to the Dyslexia Epilepsy creates I have to proofread several times (if I posted an unedited poem there would be times it would be complete gibberish, I don’t alter the messages it is just fixing misspellings or wonky word replacements sometimes I will write easel when I mean peninsula lol) and in my readings I often learn something about myself or find little messages my muse tossed in on the sly. When I say of what use is it to question my worth when you have chosen me I believe this applies to all relationships if you are honest about who you are (and it is harder to be dishonest than you think when a person is really invested in knowing you, my husband knows even the things I hide from myself) and the person wants to be with you it is a privilege don’t insult them by making or forcing decisions on them. When they compliment you know that no matter how feel about yourself that their words are genuine. Once you accept the love people are offering you will stop demanding proof and ego placations. You have seen real pictures of me without makeup and I liked how one of my eyes is dark compared to other which shows my duality. Also I look psycho. Still no sleep the neighbors had a party =(


Prompt 16: Life Lesson


Share a bit of your own personal wisdom. There is no right or wrong responses to this prompt it is all about your truth, about what guides and drives you, about life as you perceive it. Isadora Duncan believed that truth was beauty and that beauty could be found even in decay and death. That said you can go with a light inspirational piece or something raw and gritty,. Sometimes the darkest moments, the greatest tragedies, lead us to revelation. So what have you learned? Photographs are allowed too of course! In fact this might be a good prompt for you to post a picture of your face without makeup or enhancement/editing ( you don’t have to of course)! I have done this many times as I never wear makeup (considering my skill I would be worse for it lol)