Your scarred hands

Speak of invasion

Of passion sliding

Recklessly into a heart

Blanketed in vestigial thorns


How could you love me

Knowing that beneath my carapace

Lie not the intimacy of communion

But a beast ostracizing

In contempt of beauty


Sometimes your smile

Threatens to silence

The demons

Bred inside

My flesh

Sometimes your hands

Rearrange me

Cover my naked bones

With the heat

Of your lips


If I believe hard enough

Will I cease thinking

Of loss and act?

Will your body overlook

The mistakes

In my composition?

Will you findĀ  sanctuary

Where I’ve found only



I have never seen

My face without


I could never bare

For you, whose opinion

I honor above all others,

To look at me

With the same eyes


If we stay together

Time will unveil me

If I walk away

While I still belong

Then I’ll have these

Perfect memories

To rely upon

But if I leave

I’ll never know

The nature of my soul