Last Names (Pen Name)


Alright I am currently wrestling between Amarysse and Yves. Amarysse was your top pick by quite a margin! Yves was the second considering my husband’s vote and my bizarre attachment to the name (I also really do like Amarysse). Now we have the business of a last name and I know last names aren’t nearly as fun to select as first names but I would appreciate your feedback just the same!

Winters (the last name of and English teacher in middle school that inspired me)Grey (is my daughter’s middle name)
Desarthe and Dyason have no particular meaning other than I like them
I also like Veronese but it didn’t seem to fit with these names
If you want that I should have an initial in here tell me lol My actual middle name is Alishia. You can also suggest last names =)






When exposed

To the contrary

Society’s unclaimed scion

I” am the mythic imposter, the automaton

Ornamented with human flesh

And erratic nerves


My voice




I wanted to give the Fibonacci another shot.

For most of my life I was a pessimist with moments of optimism and realism but as I get older l find myself sliding over into realism with the occasional sprinkling of optimism or pessimism for sobering measure. Most people might consider me a pessimist simply because I am not afraid of the negative aspects of human nature but I can now accept compliments and criticisms (constructive criticism I am not invincible haha) and I find myself spending less time wallowing around when I do get sad. I think I am gradually turning into a realist.

Prompt 17 Optimist, Pessimist, Realist

optimist__pessimist__realist_by_blakeflamecandle-d3heh9zWhat are you? If you vacillate wildly between you can write about your duality or triality (which isn’t a word but ah well) or you can just go with your present frame of mind. I wrote about pessimism as years of untreated Depression have left me looking like a certain blue/grey donkey haha If you don’t want to write about yourself alternatively you can write about someone who really embodies one of these states, fictional or non fictional.  Pictures are accepted as well =)