Between the paving stones

Skinny bodies torn and coarsened

Overtake an indiscriminate sun

Even poverty dreams, even shadows

Dwell adjacent to divinity. Am I not

Human? My guilt-ridden bones retire

And aspire same as yours. If society

Disowns me, will I not wither in neglect?


Artifice would bid me leave, the blue

Heart of winter amidst artificial springs

Eel-tongued sycophants would cater my

Etiquette to suit recreant needs, never

Question, never think outside of trends

Let there stand only one woman and one

Man, of perfect symmetry. Peace manufactured

Through puppetry and masquerade

We have lost all sense of connection outside

Of imitation. I am aberrant, deviant, guilty of

Treason I surrender my heart to the unlit moon

To the mystery of eclipse, to the anarchy of my

Thrilling inquisitions. I will never become you but

If your arms should fall open I will welcome you

Into me, not in spite of the differences, not in

Spite of anyone or anything at all


I have a pile of poetry at the moment I did go to the country today all seizy and crazy as it were. I wrote a poem there too but I was outside at least lol I might make errors in my poems if you catch one let me know though my errors tend to be very strange like replacing coffee with wafer, caterpillar with turpentine the connections my brain makes no wonder I can’t access my memories!