Ours is a love that leeches veins their indemnity

Stiletto heels wedged into the aching heart of

A jilted masculinity, she surrenders as night, an

Apparition fading horizontally. Traitorous this hand

That holds firmly a wrist muted for lack of reciprocity,

Wretched this beggar’s mouth welling with ejected pride

A moment held despite the sacrifice of sobriety. She belongs

To me in sentiment only. Her rib cage closes, a furnace inside

Which paradigms surrender ash, a fallen muse bending light


Sleep wherefore art thou?  My husband is intense pain and having nightmares and last night he actually managed some sleep but it was a stormy night and my daughter couldn’t sleep. Add that to the stomach bug I woke up with in the middle night woohoo. Three nights (now 4) with little sleep and I actually might be crazy.  Who knows what I am writing at this point