Carbon Noise Poetry



Usually I post once daily (regardless of how many poems I actually write), what I write today I would share tomorrow morning but right now I have a surplus of poems since I haven’t been able to leave the house much thanks to seizures! It is starting to get chaotic.


Finger Bones and Fairytales


Photograph by HOWANXIOUS

Defiance, an extension of this struggling heart

I never belonged, to myself a malevolent stranger.

In your face, my eyes reflected back raise up my

Defenses. I never meant to abandon you, there

Is a war playing in the hollows of my bones and

Sometimes defeat dawns slowly, you who

Have laid me down broken in the crucible of

Your contagious devotion and rendered me at

Times whole. It is only myself, not our love,

That I fight, this potential tied up in sheep skins

Against myself a wolf, some times you stand

Too close, some times you exhale when I am

Still striving for breath, some times you love

Too much and  all I know how to be is alone


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