Help me choose a pen name!


You have seen pictures of me and read my poetry (presumably haha) so I would like your input on pen names. I really am unable to use my real name due to family circumstances. If you have suggestion other than those provided on the list feel free to share. Ultimately I will decide but your input is nevertheless invaluable. I will have to ask the last name in a separate post because I can’t seem to add more than one poll lol I actually prefer male names but my poetry gives away my gender even though I swap genders sometimes so.




My mouth lies fallow

Underneath derisive weeds

A split tongue sensing the

Warmth of an alien sun


Forgive my heart

The pressure to survive


I wanted more than anything

To be the marvel

That your expectant eyes conceived

I wanted more than anything

To be the passion

That our laced hands



The dusk settles infusing

Dystopian roots, ennui

Breeds such tenacious flowers

In the morning I woke

Mortal despite

An eternal love


Venus the thief

Venus the liar

Forgive this weakness

I only wanted to be held

As if I were


To be held





Sometimes I just want to feel competent and equal