I dream of rainbows, of moments sinking golden

Into the welcoming earth, of memories worth holding,

I want a voice that transcends darkness, a voice that

Illuminates. I never asked why I should suffer I truly

Believed that like Atlas I could endure this world if to

Save, if I could bring solace to your rage then perhaps

I did have purpose. I was a ghost, unseen, beyond the

Reach of the trinity. This demon seed that you have sewn

In the graves of your incarnations, you who never were,

Parents that never were, I grow, a bramble, no flowers

To adorn, only the thorns of a crippling defense. All I ever

Wanted was to be heard and with this deafening pen I will

Be known, if the truth despairs, it is because all that you

Have shown, all that you have taught is unworthy of my

Name but if my words should have wings, to set free

Another enslaved then I will strip myself feather by feather

That no one should remain buried in flightless isolation.

These humble poems fall from me shattered on collision

What do I know of courage, these poor heart-shaped lungs

Labor independently, I just want to be pure, translucent

To float unimpeded by the gravity of these inherited sins


When I was a kid I was raised Christian kind of, my parents sent me to a church they did not attend (they didn’t attend church). I went to church alone and my parents never spoke about church or anything religious so I am not sure how that classifies. The people at the church were very kind to me and they fed me extra and had winter clothes sent to my house. My beliefs now are more Eastern philosophical


Prompt 15: Childhood Dreams

Criminals-bewareI am sorry but this picture was too cute that I gave up looking for my usual pretty pictures

I think the prompt is pretty obvious without much explanation, there are several routes you could go as you know I am not very restrictive. What did you want to be when you grew up? What did you pretend to be? You can write as a child or as adult. If you have your own children you can alternatively write about their dreams or their games of pretend. If you have attained your childhood dreams or helped another to attain their dreams you can also write about that experience. If you are a teacher you can talk about your goals and experiences with your students. Artwork and photography are also welcome. I don’t say this every time but do try and read and comment to one another =)

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