Poetry Book


I really want to collect a selection of my poems for a book of poetry.  I have quite a lot of poems here at wordpress, I do not believe they are all book ready but with some hard-work and love maybe lol Once I have done the tedious part of digging through everything I have written I’ll see if there is enough left to make a book! I will continue of course to write and post daily. I want to make a separate book for haiku. If you guys could help me that would be fantastic! In the comments please chose one poem that you like =) If anyone would be willing to help me edit that would be fantastic as you know I have Epilepsy and the constant mental fog creates a type of Dyslexia, it is very hard for me to spot mistakes. I proofread obscenely because of this, in fact I probably spend more time proofreading than writing!  I also need to think of a pen name! If anyone knows anything at all about self-publishing feel free to share your wisdom and experience. I know of the negatives involved, I realize I might invest and not manage to sell even a single book but even so I want to go for it!


Ocean Haiku


Petulant seas press

My diaphanous heart deep

Verse from fossils traced


Dark and lyrical

Primordial currents sire

An alien harvest


Auric sky dipping

Beneath molten copper seas

Bohemian eve


Coquettish waves lick

The hull of a besotted boat

Sailors imbibed whole


Haiku for

Haiku Heights