Every lesson I’ve learned

Has come with expenditure

I’ve eaten

Of sorrow’s lurid fruits

I’ve wiped sweat and tears

From a shadow-woven visage

I’ve suffered

And in the nucleus of strife softened

I’ve worn the faces

Of countless women

And the shoes of fellow drifters

I’ve faced both mirror and metronome

With a resolve to live and become

I’ve wasted and cherished

Chased laughter through open fields

Loved as if gripped by contagion

Sinned and served

Morals for which no law

Need profess and for which no law

Could deter if I determined

The deed in circumstance just

For I have the sense to know

Without threat or damnation

The ethos which governs my soul

I know that rebellion is essential

When governing bodies oppress

That true peace conceals

Neither arsenal nor agenda

I have failed

Despite endeavor

And in failing

Surpassed limiting contractions

Like can’t and won’t

I have survived

With the inconsolable notion

That survival

Is not enough

I have struggled forward

Knees, elbows, nail beds


Every triumph

No matter how infinitesimal

Stacked on a foundation

Which I have built


28 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. Lessons are not easily achieved. A lot is lost… from the soul, from the heart and then, we get the view (just the view) of that pearl of wisdom. Innocence is many times lost and there are many other things at stake… for the sake of that lesson, which we believe can change our lives… but is it right!? I wonder…
    Well-written… Great work.

    1. Thank you much =) I think we have to decide for ourselves, there are some experiences I don’t seek out. I know that drinking and drugs is not something I want in my life for example.Nothing good comes without labor and love though with writing the pain is worth it.

  2. What I like about this poem is you begin with ‘Every lesson I’ve learned” and you complete the poem with the ‘…a foundation which I have built’ How beautifully expressed the lessons of a life, the cycle of learning and the responsibility of the learner to achieve from life’s lessons. I loved this excellent.

  3. I loved this poem. As usual, so many lines that strike a chord. Here are a few:
    “Iโ€™ve worn the faces
    Of countless women
    And the shoes of fellow drifters”

    “Chased laughter through open fields”

    “I know that rebellion is essential”


  4. such a beautiful and harrowing tale of one moving forward in a world that seems hell-bent on holding us back. so much beautiful symbolism and imagery here! thank you for sharing!

    stacy lynn mar

  5. So wonderful. Love Anais Nin unapologetically profound. Loved many lines… Bianca picked out most of my favorites ๐Ÿ™‚
    Also loved :”Iโ€™ve eaten

    Of sorrowโ€™s lurid fruits”

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