I came into this world scarred

Impressions copied from a hostile womb

A child knows when they are unwanted

When love is continuously withheld

For lack of compensation


I came into this world impoverished

My parents were beggars

They wanted only

For their immediate needs

I wasn’t a priority

Was it a conscious neglect?

A premeditated omission?

Or had I ceased ever to be?


I came into this world fully armored

A nuisance in times of truce

An adversary in times of war

The salt of accumulated miseries

Left me parched, inhospitable furrows

Lined the seams of both mind and heart

There was no time for poetry or dreams

No well in which to nourish a muse

I was too busy sewing shadows

Into the soles of my shoes

I wanted to be imperceptible

Imperishable like darkness


23 thoughts on “Imperishable

  1. Like so much of your poetry mlm, there is a harking back to childhood and the past sins of others which have shaped you into the person you are. I often get the impression you are an immensely strong woman now, but you like all the rest of us could use the hugs of strangers on days like this.

  2. I can relate and it makes me furious. Some people shouldn’t be allowed to procreate. You have to get a license to drive but any idiot or psychopath can have children. I’m glad this is in your past. Becasue now you no longer hide in the shadows…you shine!

    1. Thank you so much Melanie, I understand your outrage I feel the same way when I think of all the children out there still suffering and all the adults who are good people now like you but who also suffered, it breaks my heart

  3. Beautiful as always…..this reminds me of a book I read where it talks about how we come into the world has such an effect on the person we become. 🙂 Even the delivery sets up things for us.
    Oh just so you know, I did a video blog…..oh my…..I still do not think I sound or look like whats on there. lol

    1. I was actually looking at your blog right you sent me this so it was wonderful =) I have such a little girl voice and it does not mesh with my own concept of myself at all. My big crazy hair works though even if it drives me barmy. Thank you so much do you remember the name of the book? You are so adorable!

      1. The book is either In The Moment or Peace From Broken Pieces….I am thinking its the second one 🙂

        I love your hair!!!!

  4. Every word speaks to me and tears at my heart. Exquisite writing. And, I share Melanie’s anger and views – procreation should not be available to everyone. Children should be considered rare gems by society and treated as such. It’s a very sad state of affairs that this is not the case.

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