I adhere

To your wooden frame

Blind and incremental

I strip a molten cloak

From the embers

Of your disenchanted core

What if I were

An aria

Both proud and wild

An aria

That only

Your awkward hands

Could reproduce?

Would you profess me

On that day,

As on all others,

Your muse?




I watch you

Slide away

Stark as the bones

Of a Paleolithic ghost


To half existence

I fear that you will


If not insensate

Than carnivorous


Did I leave you


With pieces

That break apart

On conception

Am I the origin

Of that impious

Numeral six

Penned above

Your skulking lids?


I can only say that I am listening to incredibly strange music at the moment


timthumb.phpArt By: Ines Honfi

You drifted into my heart

Like a secret

Like the rain sobbing softly

On an otherwise vacant day

I would never knowingly

Refute love but then again

How was I to perceive

Your intrusion

When advancement

So oft signifies war?



I held you


Between the furrows

Of disdainfully drawn brows

You held

Against your lips,

The pale veins,

Of a reticent fist

My heart rose

Red and indignant

Yours like the sudden growl

Of advancing thunder


Against the dissuasion

Of retreating hips

You managed still

To swallow, consummately,

My breath

In every moment since

I have adorned you,

In every drop of blood,

In every cell,

In every cloud

Above which dreams

Are childishly kept


ChrysalisWood Painting: Jeff Soto

I wanted

To be extraordinary,

Instead a palindrome.

Viewed from above or below

An implacable diamond




I extricate

My hands


A sparkling cuirass

Butterflies and larvae


As if

The flame within

Were too blue

To cradle whimsy


My fingernails

Obsidian moons

Lamenting departure

The chrysalis

Of youth unpinned



Being clay

I find myself


To alien whims


Furtively press

Me into

Companionable molds

But I never maintain

Any impression

That denies

My composition

As a whole

Prompt 27 Curse


In consideration of the holidays this week’s prompt is “Curse”. Your entry can be fictional or factual. You can write of psychological torment or you can go with something gory and corporeal or both. You could also take a very humorous, light-hearted approach so please don’t feel you have to go dark. Whatever you like there are a lot of possibilities! Please include warnings for graphic and grotesque stories/poems/images just encase someone might be sensitive. As for me, I am not sensitive, and will read and comment on all submissions. This weekend we are celebrating my daughter’s 6th birthday so it goes without saying that I have other engagements to which I must attend. I will get to all your entries though rest-assured. I can’t believe how many prompts I’ve already done, blows my mind. Thank you guys so much for participating!

Immortal and Requiem (2 100 word stories)


Skin assuming a glacial chill and pallor, her pulse collapsed again and again despite my resistance. Death needs no invitation for there is no one who could deny, for long, his occupancy. I knew that he would come, for he has stripped my heart of every possibility. Yet even as I kneel upon this granite altar, an ancient man, he does not claim me. I, as Methuselah, am tied to the earth and shall within her womb remain unfinished. When she is gone the universe will turn my ashes into tempestuous stars that I may be birthed, a hostage, again.



She fell upon the wind like a carrion. Her soul so deeply entrenched that on him she unwittingly preyed. He could find no diversion, for her absence possessed such an abiding presence. In every stranger he discerned an inferior semblance and in every sunset the promise of eternal sleep.

So devoted were his hands to grief that he could find no reason to persevere.

In the shadow of an obelisk, he composed the final verse of a joint requiem. Suicide was but a formality for in truth he was already dead and beside her coffin, his was sympathetically placed.


My first attempt at a 100 word story not an easy task as I tend toward excess



Your heart’s asylum

An anthracite womb

Birthing illusion

I held you principal


A lesser known heaven

In that deep black well

An unvoiced constellation


I imbibed the sand

Of a derelict palace

Within you

There was no Prince

Only a more

Preposterous incendiary


Love is a curse

When day after day

It remains unsought

But for confirmation

A compulsory worship

I endowed your ego

In the absence

Of reciprocating



I believed

In a cause unshared

To withdraw now,

The purpose

Which has become

My being,

Is unbearable

So I endure

And in enduring



This is fictional so you can sigh with relief encase you were worried! I am writing this in response to Sunday’s prompt: Curse. I have been so busy on the weekends lately hence my prompt responses being a little early these last few weeks.

Cautiously Violent


A viperous cape,

This stale room

With its chalky air

Divests resolve

In the dark,

Cautiously violent

I wait for furious shades

To absolve


Carmine is

The consequence

Of silence

A pacifist, I refuse

To partake in any war

For which I

Do not occupy

Both sides



(I don’t self-harm so I was a little surprised that I wrote this. I think it might have to do with my stress level which is very high at the moment. My therapist decided today that she would like to transfer me to a psychiatrist in the hospital. I won’t be hospitalized or anything it is just that they have more resources and can handle patients with greater needs. She thinks my childhood was too traumatic (honestly she seemed scared when I told her not of me but my past really seemed to shock her)? She can’t make diagnoses either should I have something diagnosable. She is very nice and although I understand intellectually it still unnerves me. I mean really unnerves me. I like her and  I still find it very challenging and stressful to hit my appointments. A new person eeeekkkkk)



My roots are soft,

Free of dirt,

They dip


Into the sea


For the salt

Of an inexhaustible



Is it not love

That renders

Us human?


The deficiencies


I have a heart

Whose ingenious doors

Welcome the universe

Unfiltered and who

Find in no man a baggage

Too ponderous to bare


I do not despite


Have the means to adapt

An unalterable animus

Indeed all who pass

Will assuredly be