Return to Sender

1Elle Muliarchyk

Were I persuasive I’d roll you between

My thumb and forefinger until pliable

But you exhaust now my ingenuity.

I am too distracted to seduce

But you will not yield without courtship,

My heart is not such that I can reach in

Whenever I please and extract wholly

You’ve taken so much from me already

If I did not love you would I remain

Poised for your triumphant return?




My veins are too blue

To articulate the fire

That weeps inside of

My onerous pulse

I am, because you are

Sublimity, in a world

Too busy embellishing

Idols to recognize

The allure

Of a sincere heart


I have finished the remaining installments of Polarity but I need more time to proofread



Being clay

I find myself


To alien whims


Furtively press

Me into

Companionable molds

But I never maintain

Any impression

That denies

My composition

As a whole

Growing Pains


Every lesson I’ve learned

Has come with expenditure

I’ve eaten

Of sorrow’s lurid fruits

I’ve wiped sweat and tears

From a shadow-woven visage

I’ve suffered

And in the nucleus of strife softened

I’ve worn the faces

Of countless women

And the shoes of fellow drifters

I’ve faced both mirror and metronome

With a resolve to live and become

I’ve wasted and cherished

Chased laughter through open fields

Loved as if gripped by contagion

Sinned and served

Morals for which no law

Need profess and for which no law

Could deter if I determined

The deed in circumstance just

For I have the sense to know

Without threat or damnation

The ethos which governs my soul

I know that rebellion is essential

When governing bodies oppress

That true peace conceals

Neither arsenal nor agenda

I have failed

Despite endeavor

And in failing

Surpassed limiting contractions

Like can’t and won’t

I have survived

With the inconsolable notion

That survival

Is not enough

I have struggled forward

Knees, elbows, nail beds


Every triumph

No matter how infinitesimal

Stacked on a foundation

Which I have built

9 oz

Dark Evil Woman

Swaddled inside a handkerchief

Nines ounces of red ripe fruit

Gifted, that you might preserve

That which fear bid me consume


I have writer’s block right now it is a confidence thing mostly I psyched myself out 😛 The female heart weighs about 9 oz hint hint haha




I have wanted for that

Which I do not possess

I have envied others

Their talent

Their beauty

Their content


I have wanted for suitors

For men over whom I hold

Intractable power

(Is worth not more intrinsic

Than opinion?)

I have wanted for the dignity

Of a well-lanned ambition

To create alien landscapes

From an eclectic syllabary

To weave dreams like Morpheus

Into starched collars

And patent leather shoes

That none may depart



I have hungered

For the prosaic

For food

For security

For a family whose love

Do not falter with utility


I have known poverty

In its literal sense

Survival above novelty

And still I have found

No absence greater

Than the human heart


Well-lanned means well-informed, knowledgeable, connected, and supported it actually comes the game Planescape Torment so it’s not technically a real word but it’s a good word so feel free to use it!