Swimming Snippets


Serpents ride the curves

Of my suspended flesh

Graceless limbs culling

False winds

In parody of flight



I ripen in adversity

In sympathetic tides

That adjust my gravity

In ethereal currents

That stir my inert heart

Into joyous rebellion



Christened in chlorine

I am free to traverse

More pernicious seas



My whole life

I have struggled

Against my anatomy

Bones as obelisks

Sinews as tethers

I have stood, imperious

Desiring above all

To remain safely




Adrift on the horizon

Palms concave

I draw the sun closer

By degrees


I started adult swimming lessons lastnight! For me swimming is about becoming more independent learning to trust my body and the universe. I fight against every aspect of my nature including my anatomy, I get so rigid sometimes I can’t even move naturally. My back is deformed because of constantly curving in on myself. I love the water and it is one unknown I don’t fear so I thought swimming would be a good place to start on my quest to becoming more confident. When I arrived I noticed everyone had flotation devices so I grabbed mine and got to practicing not 3 minutes into it the teacher said I didn’t need the flotation device and I was the only one in the whole class who didn’t have one (either she believed in me or she wanted me to drown lol) so I swam as best as I could in my own wonky disjointed way back and forth across the pool the whole time. It was pretty hard work but once in a while, just for a second I would get it right and it was like flying!