escher 3

Sibylline poems

Deliquesce on the surface

Of my spineless tongue

Palpable, my aversion

Of the present tense

Of words close enough

To dispel

Those mythologies

On which my tenuous sanity



What if your gaze

Fell on my words

In a moment of weakness


In favor of subtraction?

What if you shatter

Because I’ve given validation

To your unspoken fear?

If we suffer the same doubts

Will you find us irreconcilable?


I will not speak of this moment

When my emotions are still volatile

When I am unreasonable, shaken

Anger would only distort the meaning

Perhaps on waking

I will not even feel the same

So many relations severed

That I might pacify

A transient deviation


Do not ask how I feel

Let me be the first

To know

Whenever my heart speaks

My lips will follow

Ignore the ravings

Of this mad brain,

For it knows nothing of logic

Despite its devious manifestos