September 30 2013


Curious Flowers


What If

What if we stood now

On an empty stage

In the silhouette of a former fame

In a theater long vacated,

What if this life were naught

But the echo

Of a former incarnation

And those that passed

Had simply recognized the farce

Do I stand now on the precipice

Between two worlds?

A ghost at twilight mourning?


What if this life were training

For an interstellar war?

What if I suffered now

That I might later serve

Some heroic purpose?

What then would be the reward

Or would it exist solely

In the eminence of my deeds?

Why must we receive

In order to do that

Which is natural to our hearts?

Is love not its own reward?


What if there was a heaven

In which only

The most curious flowers


Would I find shelter

In such a curious garden?

Or am I ash…

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I came into this world scarred

Impressions copied from a hostile womb

A child knows when they are unwanted

When love is continuously withheld

For lack of compensation


I came into this world impoverished

My parents were beggars

They wanted only

For their immediate needs

I wasn’t a priority

Was it a conscious neglect?

A premeditated omission?

Or had I ceased ever to be?


I came into this world fully armored

A nuisance in times of truce

An adversary in times of war

The salt of accumulated miseries

Left me parched, inhospitable furrows

Lined the seams of both mind and heart

There was no time for poetry or dreams

No well in which to nourish a muse

I was too busy sewing shadows

Into the soles of my shoes

I wanted to be imperceptible

Imperishable like darkness