Scribing in the jaundiced light

Of twin moons, I as Athena prey

Anima perforated

There is no shame in death

No shame in naivete

If it accommodates

Expansive margins

Freedom as courage

Occurs not in the absence

Of uncertainty

But in the diligent pursuit

Of personal truth


Waste not the bones and organs

For they contain wisdom

Discard the adipose-rich ego

There is no time for idolatry

A signature does not a soul translate

Thankless is the heart

Of the sycophant

Who seeks favors

Through copulation

Of a pharisaical ID


I convey my soul

In these words

As broken as I am

I do not seek mercy

If madness be indeed

The crown of genius

Than I have worn these thorns

Deep inside

Even more than pain

I fear indifference

Don’t ever let me address tragedy

Coldly without a sense

Of unity


I belong in the mud, a piglet

Tranquil in humility

I will write viciously in solidarity

Transmuting blood into graphite

I will write viciously in mediocrity

Striving only, to surpass myself

I will write viciously in the knowledge

That the voice most feared

Is the voice that excludes



I am still not in the mood to write but I think now it is that I really strained my back and I am in pain


Prompt 20 Wordle


I warned (informed?) you back when we did the first Wordle that there would be others occasionally. I admit I made this one a bit tough because I am not sure I have ever seen anyone use the word Pharisaical but it is a good word. As I mentioned in the first Wordle you can use any version of the word you can use Tragic instead of Tragedy or Vicious instead of Viciously.  This wordle had a certain vibe to it and the tags I gave some ideas if you needed/wanted a little more direction.  I realized from this even if I write about philosophical or happy topics I use very dark and menacing language lol Happiness invariably become a predator, a carrion bird disemboweling. Anyways I don’t care what you write about just so you try to fit as many of these words in as possible, preferably all if you are submitting a story or full length poem. If you want to do a haiku or limerick chose a word or idea/mood to focus on. If you want to submit a photo try and convey the mood of the vocabulary list as you perceived it.