The Boy in the Red Vest

456px-Paul_Cézanne,_Jeune_garçon_au_gilet_rouge_(1888-89)The Boy In the Red Vest by: Paul Cezanne


Baring the brunt of your vicarious expectations

Adolescent dreams warp as late Autumn leaves

Come winter, a barren heart resolves to indifference

Must age nullify whimsy?

Must I too succumb

To the drudgery of a life merely tolerated?


Arrogance composes thee father,

A man is not man whose ambitions trample

Those who by hierarchy fall beneath

A man in not a man

Whose confidence depends upon appellation

A plague this name on a ravaged peasantry!

A plague this name on my moral integrity!

A dirty womb does not define me

I will not embellish this savage mantel

Disown me if you must!


You are the North

The sylph in ether formed

Beyond my words

Beyond the reach of my hands

You drift, a gossamer cloud

On the verge of tempest

Pagan Phantasm

A pagan spirit

Yielding only to ardor

I am way too young

To survive your inferno

Way too mild to tame

Your nomadic heart

And even if I possessed

Such an unconquerable will

As to contain yours

I am content to let you

Wander as moonlight

Over the avenues

Of a transient flesh


I hope it’s okay I chose to do a few short ones this image inspired me haha

Submission for Right2Write