Cartilage and eidolon

This intractable womb

Scars on possession

A world too small

To accommodate



“I” have become

The guilty party

Having exorcised

My ancestral demons

There is no one

Left to impeach

There is only me

Inmate orange

And truncheon’ed

A prisoner and guard



A cage fastened

By tremulous hands

To survive I slept

Year after year

Waiting for life

To become

My own

Waiting for a life


Congenital defect



A myna echoing

The heartache

Of a forfeited youth

I’ve the lost the key

And become the cipher


Cipher can mean code, alphabet, or nonessential person

After yesterday’s counseling I have found myself feeling very vulnerable. I have withdrawn emotionally even from myself so it was very difficult for me to write. There were just too many locked doors for me to produce anything that I was really happy with. I hope tomorrow the stress will ease and I will be able to write more freely if not I might go out and take photos instead of doing my usual daily poem hopefully you will forgive me if it comes to that. Please feel free to suggest some prompts for me in the comments it may help.  On a really positive note yesterday I got 30 likes on a poem! I have never gotten 30 likes on any entry aside from my About and I feel that only cake will do to celebrate. So thank you!!!