Is cruel

The way she

Warps truth, forges

Scars in nimble hearts

Moderates intellect

With faithless innuendo

Under her portentous spell

I have worn both the shame of scandal

And the virtue of posthumous savior

Any madness intrinsic in my psyche

She has heightened to such a degree

As to leave me fiercely deranged

Even death would disavow

One such as I’ve become

A stray scavenging

Nostalgia in

Search of a

Dream long



This is my first ever attempt at an Etheree I got the idea from the supremely talented (if you want to see how it is really done check them out!)

B.G. Bowers and Melanie Blackwell

This submission is for

Poet’s United


46 thoughts on “Stray

  1. i read it a few times…really nice…its no secret that we live in a world of warped truths but I think we even sometimes need wounds to make ourselves more resilient to situations…over a period of time the wounds heal…the scars remain as a reminder to the odd times…the best part is when you realize that you had weathered the storm all by yourself and came out as a winner…that when even ‘scars’ are pretty satisfactory šŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful response wow. I agree with whole-heartedly though there have been moments I have felt and behaved irrationally certainly, clarity tends to come in retrospect

  2. You are way too modest! I just commented on your poem “Voice”, telling you how amazing you are.:) But, thank you so much for the mention šŸ™‚

    That was also my first attempt at an Etheree. I think it’s a fabulous style that lends itself to any theme, mood, emotion or experience.

    I think you did a shining job! Particularly loved these lines:

    “Warps truth, forges
    Scars in nimble hearts
    Moderates intellect
    With faithless innuendo”


  3. Nostalgia in
    Search of a
    Dream long
    The past can be a foreign land; nostalgia, as you say, but a dream.
    Great as allows and I am always impressed by how you can use different forms of prose/poetry so skillfully.

      1. There are times that I have a way
        Of rhyming the sentences that I say
        I’m not the best at more that aa, bb when I write,
        Advanced rhyming schemes make me feel not too bright.
        I once was a good limerick bard
        But now I find it rather hard.
        Free verse means that I don’t have to find
        The elusive word that rhymes with orange.

  4. You aced the form brilliantly. I havent tried one yet, but they intrigue me. I went over to read the etheree collab you gave the link for and am sure glad I did. Brilliant writing going on over there!

  5. Oops hit send accidentally. I am intrigued by this etheree form of writing and am going to try my hand at it too. Thanks for the inspiration. šŸ™‚

  6. I have enjoyed in the past playing with the etheree – an interesting form. I do hope your poem is not too autobiographical!

  7. Wow. It’s amazing how effortless you play words to the page. I love this poem, it reminds me all at once of the great love I had and it’s terrible end. Thank you. šŸ™‚

      1. I’m a huge word nut myself. I’m amazed by how much power and grace can be gained from different arrangements of the same 26 letters.
        Everything is great now. Her and I make better friends than husband and wife. šŸ™‚

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