Ours is a love that leeches veins their indemnity

Stiletto heels wedged into the aching heart of

A jilted masculinity, she surrenders as night, an

Apparition fading horizontally. Traitorous this hand

That holds firmly a wrist muted for lack of reciprocity,

Wretched this beggar’s mouth welling with ejected pride

A moment held despite the sacrifice of sobriety. She belongs

To me in sentiment only. Her rib cage closes, a furnace inside

Which paradigms surrender ash, a fallen muse bending light


Sleep wherefore art thou?ย  My husband is intense pain and having nightmares and last night he actually managed some sleep but it was a stormy night and my daughter couldn’t sleep. Add that to the stomach bug I woke up with in the middle night woohoo. Three nights (now 4) with little sleep and I actually might be crazy.ย  Who knows what I am writing at this point


21 thoughts on “Beggar

  1. It seems that pain and sickness add even more visceral awareness and depth to your already extraordinary work – not that I would wish either on you or yours. This poetry is like a dark confessional and the picture you found for it is amazing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I am going to try and stay awake for 3 days and see if I am able to write poetry like this. Having an honest nights rest isn’t working. Some how I doubt it. your talent wills out no matter how tired you are.

    1. Awww that is so sweet Grizz! Not sleeping is not at all enjoyable my neighbors decided to have a party last night outside despite rain still no sleep. You are an extremely gifted story-teller and your poetry is beautiful =)

  3. If moments of intensity birth powerful writing, then you must have an intense life! The mark of a great writer is an instantly identifiable style. You have such a style – intense, atmospheric, dark, raw, visceral.

    As always, I particularly love these lines:
    “Wretched this beggarโ€™s mouth welling with ejected pride…
    Her rib cage closes, a furnace inside”

    Now, tell your muse to quieten down so that you can get some rest ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Awww thank you so much, your comments are always so beautiful they leave me speechless. I don’t know how convey my gratitude as intensely as I want lol My internal life is intense but outwardly I have quite a peaceful life, struggles with Depression and Epilepsy certainly but I have so much that I am immensely grateful for. That said my past was pretty volatile and intense. Sometimes my muse doesn’t even let me have dreams she just keeps writing poems, speeches while I am sleeping so I just get words no pictures!

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