broken redPhoto By: Amber Africa

I stand under the ceraceous film of a pensive moon

Black eyes indignant, lips peeled back to snare, hands

Resetting the pulse of an anemic mistress. In shadows

Stalled by the advance of daylight, I shape nightmares

Of sonance and silhouette, displacing puritanical ideals

With a bestial hunger for degrading sex


I thought of the woman as the victim of a vampire or incubus type creature. I wrote in the villain’s perspective which makes this a rather strange piece of writing haha

Submission for



22 thoughts on “Carnivore

      1. Yeah, reading yours it could so easily be a complete continuance of mine.
        When same patterns find each other,they make a cloth, I think it is something like that:) I realised just now my mail did not reach you, so have to retype it all again πŸ˜›

  1. Pretty sinister and creepy. I’m not too crazy about the last line. I think it should just end on “bestial hunger” but everything else is pretty good. I was thinking that the speaker was some sort of vampire and then I saw that your comment confirmed this. I think you did a good job.

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