Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust

tumblr_m73yd3ordz1rxekheo1_1280Today’s prompt is supernatural lust. There are no rating restrictions but please make a note if your entry is graphic. This is #7 of 20 the first in the series was Unavoidable Pain. Only one participant seems to be using the prompts to create a story but I thought I’d still give a reminder. I can extend the number if needed so let me know if 20 is insufficient. When this series is completed I will of course continue with the prompts so no worries but I wanted to offer a series for people interested in creating stories.

The most obvious example is the incubus/succubus dynamic

Some people become romantically obsessed with works of art (either the creation and/or the product remember how Pygmalion fell in love with Galatea?)

In some cases the chemistry b/w two people is completely overpowering as to cause madness and obsession

Some people experience an amplified lust for life (some times it’s drug or mania-induced sometimes it comes from a more internal/innocuous source)


Zeus and his sexual conquests


Vampires and blood lust

The sick twisted lust of serial killers


Prompt 27 Curse


In consideration of the holidays this week’s prompt is “Curse”. Your entry can be fictional or factual. You can write of psychological torment or you can go with something gory and corporeal or both. You could also take a very humorous, light-hearted approach so please don’t feel you have to go dark. Whatever you like there are a lot of possibilities! Please include warnings for graphic and grotesque stories/poems/images just encase someone might be sensitive. As for me, I am not sensitive, and will read and comment on all submissions. This weekend we are celebrating my daughter’s 6th birthday so it goes without saying that I have other engagements to which I must attend. I will get to all your entries though rest-assured. I can’t believe how many prompts I’ve already done, blows my mind. Thank you guys so much for participating!


broken redPhoto By: Amber Africa

I stand under the ceraceous film of a pensive moon

Black eyes indignant, lips peeled back to snare, hands

Resetting the pulse of an anemic mistress. In shadows

Stalled by the advance of daylight, I shape nightmares

Of sonance and silhouette, displacing puritanical ideals

With a bestial hunger for degrading sex


I thought of the woman as the victim of a vampire or incubus type creature. I wrote in the villain’s perspective which makes this a rather strange piece of writing haha

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