You have seen pictures of me and read my poetry (presumably haha) so I would like your input on pen names. I really am unable to use my real name due to family circumstances. If you have suggestion other than those provided on the list feel free to share. Ultimately I will decide but your input is nevertheless invaluable. I will have to ask the last name in a separate post because I can’t seem to add more than one poll lol I actually prefer male names but my poetry gives away my gender even though I swap genders sometimes so.


35 thoughts on “Help me choose a pen name!

  1. Hm,I am a sucker for pseudonyms, so its gonna be a hard choice for me. I can tell you which ones I dont like first to eliminate some: Cora, Kesai*Kesa means plastic bag on serbian,which we use to say when somebody is really lacking intelligence, so cant imagine you with this name).. Now reading, here is which ones I really like Amarysse, Hana, Mei, out of which Amarysse the most, so my vote goes there 🙂

  2. I already voted but I’ll still say it here. I prefer Hana. Very usual but sweet and feminine. I don’t know if you prefer to be seen the same way among your readers. lol

  3. I voted Yves, and currently I stand alone. I just think it matches your work. You talk about very deep things. And you seem to have a straighforward and honest character as well. I can see Yves spilled in ink on the pages of one of your poems. On one website it says “People with this name have a deep inner desire for travel and adventure, and want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition(”

  4. I vote for Amarysse and I also like Kaiya, but in my opinion, it’s better to stick with Mindlovemisery. It’s the name that your readers have been familiar with. So it’s stronger as a ‘brand’. And those who don’t frequently visit your blog might think: “I think I’ve heard this author before,” and try to recall when they see your book. That won’t happen with the other pen names.

    Besides, Mindlovemisery is not a name. That’s why it’s the best name. 🙂

      1. This is unusual! The same word can make the book title and the author’s name haha

        By the way, just imagine…

        Mary Johnson
        May Kasahara
        Mira Tan
        Michael Jones

        Suppose you’re not Mindlovemisery. Which one interests you most?

  5. I voted for echo as your poetry echoes into my soul.
    The other name that came to mind is Willow. The willow can stand strong and straight, yet bend it’s bleak branches to the twist of winter winds. When the branches touch the ground, a magic space is created: a fairy cave, a princesses prison. Then the sunlight filters through in prismatic colours. But it can be a space of exile, of shutting away the outside world. Inspiration grows in the sheltering branches; a place to write what you feel; a place your muse might like.
    PS: When choosing a name, check to see if anyone else is using it. I was surprised to find another Phylor (there first) and we are worlds apart, at least a while ago.
    Great idea to run a poll. I already have a last name suggestion for you!

      1. Underhill (but your first name doesn’t have to be Bilbo!) I’ve been a Tolkien long before the movies.
        “Not all those who wander are lost.” and “It is the job that is never started that takes longest to finish” So, you have JRR, mine, and Bilbo and Frodo’s blessing.
        Glad you’ve found an editor — sounds like he has experience with poetry which is great. If you do need someone to help with the proof reading, just let me know.

  6. I will vote for one of the above AND I also think you should keep something with Mindlovemisery as your name…as opppsed to the title of the book that way it will be on not just this book but all you subsequent books (because i KNW there will be more 🙂

    Maybe consider something like
    M. Lovemisery
    Mind L. Misery
    or just Mindlovemisery (if Madonna can have just one name…lol)

    1. I really like that Mind L. Misery! I gathered 100 poems for my book now and sent them over to Brian. There were poems I didn’t use and obviously I intend to write more poems so there will be the possibility of more books lol I am really bad with titles though so I will have to give it some thought. I am open to suggestions I am sure I have some sort of interesting phrase or title somewhere on this blog lol

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