Prompt 15: Childhood Dreams

Criminals-bewareI am sorry but this picture was too cute that I gave up looking for my usual pretty pictures

I think the prompt is pretty obvious without much explanation, there are several routes you could go as you know I am not very restrictive. What did you want to be when you grew up? What did you pretend to be? You can write as a child or as adult. If you have your own children you can alternatively write about their dreams or their games of pretend. If you have attained your childhood dreams or helped another to attain their dreams you can also write about that experience. If you are a teacher you can talk about your goals and experiences with your students. Artwork and photography are also welcome. I don’t say this every time but do try and read and comment to one another =)

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37 responses to “Prompt 15: Childhood Dreams

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  3. I have written one in response to this prompt. I think it may be too dark, so as of yet I haven’t posted it. I will read some of the other posts and make sure mine isn’t too far off.

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