Photo Challenge #84 and Looping Around and Wordle #222

Od Man

“Image “Somewhere in Between” by Anne Worner copyright CC BY-SA 2.0”

She gathers her demons from the elements

From the winds foaming with petrichor

To the invisible lanes of turbulent seas.

She is silk-wrapped and deliberate,

The ground beneath his uncultured theories.

The daughter he never quite managed

Despite hourly affirmations.

The bottle can steal a man, as surely as a kiss.

The gears in his head never stop turning

And he has not forgotten her,

The lilt of her God-given ability,

The 6 pound baby buddied

With a coalition of stuffed bears.

How he loved her then

When the luxury of words did not suffice.

How he loves her now

Though she scarcely has time to speak.

If only he hadn’t sold his soul

That his current sobriety

Would not be soldiered in such isolation.

The trees in the park stoop, ape-like

By the water’s edge and he with his hands

Full of crumbs sits alone scattering

The remainders of an unpalatable lunch.

She approaches from a grove of lavender

“I am sorry I am late…work…you know how it is.”

She takes a seat beside him, her eyes reflecting

The greys of a plummeting sky.

“I can’t stay…the director is a real tyrant

But he’s good…the movie…you’ll see it I hope…”

Today was tough. I tried both painting and poetry but I am still feeling blocked creatively. I have some very big decisions to make in the next few days and there aren’t any easy answers. I feel the risk of failure is exceedingly high whichever route I take and I am trying not to fall into a pit of despair before I have even made the effort. I also apologize for being slow with reading blogs, my daughter’s birthday is this week first party we have ever had at home and there will be 20 kids, so I am all kinds of crazy. My birthday comes shortly after hers, then father’s day, then another birthday and did I forget Halloween which is right after my daughter’s birthday yikes! She is having a Halloween-themed disco. Disco is not quite the same in Sweden, it is synonymous with dance I think. I don’t expect to see a bunch of 8 year olds in polyester bell bottoms but who knows.


The OctPoWriMo challenge for today featured this image which I also incorporated in my little story poem.