Od Man

“Image “Somewhere in Between” by Anne Worner copyright CC BY-SA 2.0”

She gathers her demons from the elements

From the winds foaming with petrichor

To the invisible lanes of turbulent seas.

She is silk-wrapped and deliberate,

The ground beneath his uncultured theories.

The daughter he never quite managed

Despite hourly affirmations.

The bottle can steal a man, as surely as a kiss.

The gears in his head never stop turning

And he has not forgotten her,

The lilt of her God-given ability,

The 6 pound baby buddied

With a coalition of stuffed bears.

How he loved her then

When the luxury of words did not suffice.

How he loves her now

Though she scarcely has time to speak.

If only he hadn’t sold his soul

That his current sobriety

Would not be soldiered in such isolation.

The trees in the park stoop, ape-like

By the water’s edge and he with his hands

Full of crumbs sits alone scattering

The remainders of an unpalatable lunch.

She approaches from a grove of lavender

“I am sorry I am late…work…you know how it is.”

She takes a seat beside him, her eyes reflecting

The greys of a plummeting sky.

“I can’t stay…the director is a real tyrant

But he’s good…the movie…you’ll see it I hope…”

Today was tough. I tried both painting and poetry but I am still feeling blocked creatively. I have some very big decisions to make in the next few days and there aren’t any easy answers. I feel the risk of failure is exceedingly high whichever route I take and I am trying not to fall into a pit of despair before I have even made the effort. I also apologize for being slow with reading blogs, my daughter’s birthday is this week first party we have ever had at home and there will be 20 kids, so I am all kinds of crazy. My birthday comes shortly after hers, then father’s day, then another birthday and did I forget Halloween which is right after my daughter’s birthday yikes! She is having a Halloween-themed disco. Disco is not quite the same in Sweden, it is synonymous with dance I think. I don’t expect to see a bunch of 8 year olds in polyester bell bottoms but who knows.


The OctPoWriMo challenge for today featured this image which I also incorporated in my little story poem.



25 thoughts on “Photo Challenge #84 and Looping Around and Wordle #222

    1. Thank you lol Her actual birthday is October 29th, Thursday but I think and I may be mistaken the party with kids is Saturday aka Halloween and the party with family is Sunday

      Thank you =)

  1. This is an interesting combination of prompts Yves – and I think you have conveyed a sense of despondency, isolation, loneliness and a somewhat broken relationship very well in this piece.

    thanks for playing along with the photo prompt 🙂

    And by the by …. you should give yourself a huge break – clearly you have so much to organize with the parties – a celebration with 20? Oh my! Well …. if anything, consider wearing bell bottoms and let the disco tunes rock in your head if they will be apparent in any form 😉

    As for “forcing” creativity …. although you may use your words and other artistic talents as a form of therapy and stress relief … when forced …. especially when feeling highly stressed and overwhelmed by other things …. it’s normal to feel dissatisfied and blocked; too much self-imposed strain to force ideas to emerge only adds to the tension …. give yourself a break …. be gentle and kind to yourself …. and let whatever happens (in your art – in whatever form) happen …. and the world doesn’t need to know …. not everything we create or produce needs an audience – even if we think it should …. creation should come from a place of spirit – in whatever feelings and emotions lie therein – but sometimes the only solution is to step back and away … and let air and breath exist …. a “clean sweep” ….

    Thinking of you and sending you extra energy and light and hugs Yves xxx


    1. The somewhat broken relationship is all too familiar to me. A lot of my relationships have been as such. I am not particular gentle with myself that goes without saying and is probably no news to you. However, there are certain things I must do, they are like breathing. Yoga is one, when I think I feel bad and slack on the yoga my body stops functioning and the pain just takes over. Same with poetry if I don’t write the wall goes up and I start to suffocate, it happens surprisingly quickly. I may be struggling at times but you know at the same times these struggles later give way to something important and in the case of poetry it is certainly a labor of love.

      1. Broken relationships – I can so relate.

        Gentle with myself – not particularly either!

        Ahem … sound familiar: “do as I say NOT as I do” …. guilty as charged.

        Only you know what means and methods work best for you – and that is what counts …. because after all is said and done … you are the one that can either honour or dishonour your spirit in essence and truth …. and I do hope that doesn’t sound “high-handed” or damn … the word just escaped my mind …. anyhow … I do not ever mean to provoke or suggest that I “know better” …. in fact, truth be told ….I know nothing at all ….

      2. I think you have much wisdom to share Pat and sound advice, I always consider your words =). I do have to learn to be more gentle with myself. I do have to learn how to relax. I tend to bounce between extremes and a more balanced objective perspective is always appreciated.

      3. *snorting* … as I laugh at myself reading these words ….. bouncing between extremes …. sounds all too familiar 😉

  2. This is so cool! I really like the way you left it hanging. These are my favorites:

    “She is silk-wrapped and deliberate”

    “The daughter he never quite managed
    Despite hourly affirmations.”

    “That his current sobriety
    Would not be soldiered in such isolation.”

    “with his hands
    Full of crumbs sits alone scattering
    The remainders of an unpalatable lunch.
    She approaches from a grove of lavender”

    I’m sure this is an all-too-common story. And so sad that he didn’t really “see” her real life, but maybe he’ll watch the movie she’s in … her pretend existence.

    1. And I think it’s pretty obvious, since you outright stated it, but this is an older man longing for a relationship with his daughter. But I loved the way your language could also creatively describe a romantic relationship/loss and/or the relationship with one’s addiction (in this case, alcohol).

      1. Happy b-day to your daughter — and soon, to you as well. That sounds like a kick-ass party!!! I’m so jealous; I wish I were attending with my daughters. I hate hosting them, but I have a lot of fun going to other people’s parties. And I can’t think of one I’d rather attend than a disco party, be it true disco or just dance in general. 🙂

        The more you obsess over your decisions, the worse decision you will make. I say, let it go. Forget about it. Get outside and breathe some fresh air, meditate, release the stress. Let the decision come to you when it’s ready. Plus, don’t call it a decision or a choice; whatever happens, it’s your vibe that matters … not what’s physically happening to you. It’s how you feel, how you interpret and enjoy your life. I’m so thrilled that you do yoga. I haven’t done it in a long time, but I used to love it. Clearing your mind is the best way to let the right musical notes find their way into your inner brain circle. (That makes no sense, but it does, you know?)


      2. That would be awesome =) I hope that we pull it off! I want it to be a good memory for her.

        I do need to let go right now I am interfering with the vibes by obsessing.

  3. I enjoy these poems muchly. Take a deep breath and one foot in front of the other. I do not know what decision you face, but hope that with each day it gets easier. Sending you some good vibes and energies especially with a party of 20 kids.

  4. This reminds me of the relationship I had with my own father…
    While I am sure he loved me I didn’t feel like he expressed his support very well. And I will never know his reasons. He was quick to care for others before himself and is now …gone.

    I hope you can find peace in your creativity and know that your effort is as valuable as the finished product what ever that may be.
    I too have a birthday coming up… So Happy Birthday to all in your household.

    I used to give parties for my boys. But I limited it to the number of their age, say 5 guests for the 5 year old. I am not good at hosting big crowds and mostly only do so for family. After they got older I let them choose something special to do rather than have a party.

    Best to you and just take things one step and breathe at a time 🙂

    1. My mom had difficulty connecting with me, she is a very emotional person but she kept a distance when I was young hiding behind her work. She is also generous with others.

      When is your b-day Jules?

      Completely overwhelming! I think we need to reevaluate, I like the idea of going somewhere for her b-day and just taking her best friend along instead of having a big party. I mean both hubbie and I are socially incompetent, it was exhausting

      1. I have a better relationship now with my mom than I ever did when I lived at home. I supposed going through the care and dementia bit with my (older) mother-in-law helped. And I set some ground rules a few years back.

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