Color Me Good | #OctPoWriMo Day 8 and Writing Prompt #128 “Collage 8″

Collage 8

You are lavender and woebegone,

A dalliance of stars and friendship bracelets.

I drink to your absence, to the wars

Abridged in your celestial migrations.

Intuitive as a paper airplane, an invention

An enigma self-taught and impermissible

There is no knowing you, dreams

Suffer no such designations.

You are a sliver of tangerine

On a hot summer’s day.

Your are a sunrise all in beige.

You are the existential bane

Of my indelible muse.

When I close my eyes

Your face is a dancing plum,

Your smile, the corona

Of a nameless star.

You bore me.

You entice me.

You are everyone

I have ever known.

You are every one

I have ever lived.

You are trespass and reclamation,

A swollen fruit, a broken heart,

A semi-conscious shift

In an unoccupied bed.

The indispensable witness,

You are me when the streets

Are full of music and perfume.

You are the embryo

Of my every incarnation,

The dubious weed

In a clutch of anemones.

Do not pretend

To know me, little one.

I have killed you

In every conceivable way

But still you sit, mocking me

With your queer grey eyes.

Lonely child, has been,

Go away now to your closet,

To your finger-paints

To the wooden crate on the lawn

And forget, oh forget

The sinister happenings

Of your untimely youth.