Poetry Prompt #13 Risky Business

Within this tempest I am vast,

Coiled within the planes

Of my primordial awareness.

I am irrevocably myself,

Beyond the mirrors of place and time

I am eternal, enigmatic in obfuscation.

A universe, the universe I belong

That much is afforded my existence.

The body is only a vehicle

And the earth likewise.

I spin lopsided circles in a puddle

Of my own specificity.

When I close my eyes I see the stars

Of what I might have been.

When I close my eyes I see the stars

Of what I still am despite my boundaries.

When I draw all the breaths afforded me

I shall again be beyond definition.

The risk undertaken by all,

With or without consent,

Comes in shrinking one’s immensity.

For we are, each of us, important.

Authority cannot be just,

That goes without saying,

And even if it were possible

I have a heart that wants

Desperately to get out.

Some of us are born

With a stroke of mischief,

Some of us only breathe.

The wind is at my back

And I am stooped like a buzzard

Over a foreign architecture.

I choose to love and that is

Hardly a choice at all.