Photo Challenge# 83 and Cascade Poem (Silly Audio Recording)

Kevin Rossatty

Kevin Rosatty

He catches rabbit in a pail,

Wisps of smoke in a magi’s hand.

From every corridor a shadow

Weeps its last lament,

From every weathered frame

Glimmers of velvet pink dusk.

The forest is unsafe,

Branches crack beneath

Tepid prints, a faceless hunter,

His father, perhaps.

“Where’s my dinner boy?”

Not tonight, oh no not tonight.

The young man,

For he is not the boy

His father addresses

(at least not in own mind),

Gathers his wits behind

A vine-beleaguered wall.

This particular, seemingly unremarkable,

But unquestionably cute rabbit

Is touched by the art,

Of this he is certain.

Alice is not the only one

Capable of a little

Inter-dimensional mischief

And one need not be

A child to believe

In the extraordinary.

He fancies himself an optimist

And he is not as his mother

Suggests a little too whimsical.

“Now rabbit open the portal

Before he overtakes us!”

But rabbit is not governed

By particularly refined

Survival instincts

So he simply stares, invisible

To no one but himself.

Audio If nothing else it amused me do you know how hard it is to read every weathered frame without degenerating into ridiculous voices? I went with something much lighter today because yesterday was so heavy and I needed a break from the stress and the heaviness and I needed a bit of silliness quite frankly. I even did a man voice ahem. I passed SFI btw but have to go anyways until the end of the week.