Poetry Prompt 20 – Love Poetry and Wordle #221


Breathe deeply, count silently

Do not let them hear you,

Those stars which pry

Endearments from the belly.

My heart rings like tinnitus

There is nothing for it,

Intimacy requires a depth

Seldom sought for lack of energy.

Anything can be a weapon

But love should never be used as such.

With enough practice

I might really become someone,

Though who or what I cannot say.

To think of all the graves

I have inadvertently walked over

Of all those subterranean tenets

Picking worms from their crevices.

Their salubrious fluids, their flesh,

Food for the enigmatic mother.

One day I too shall lie down

In flame and become as dust

Intangible once cast out

But until I die I will cherish

Life, however, impossible it becomes.

There need not be a reason

To love and perhaps it is

Better not to have one

For there exists too many

Expectations as is.

One must develop a fondness

For uncertainty if he is ever to know.

When you come I will run

Into your arms and in that warmth

A transformation is certain

To take place for it is a miracle

To find someone with whom

You can share yourself

However, prolific or insufficient

Those selves prove to be.