Writing Prompt #130 “Collage 9″ and Photo Prompt OctPoWriMo

Collage 9

We never went to Paris

The French cafe around the corner

Was the closest we ever

Came to foreign skies.

For my birthday you bought me

A key chain of the Eiffel tower,

A promise more incredulous than a ring.

When one is in love everything

Is so poignant and precious.

A daydream is more real

Than the caricatures one favors

In their everyday life.

When one is in love greatness is possible.

A violin cradled may as well be a heart

For does it not contain the same sweet music?

How improbable our love, how immense.

I thought and still think that it will never end.

You left for reasons I cannot fathom.

I never knew shackles like these

When we were together, this loss so like banishment.

I thought we were more than this that our love

Above all others held a place in the heavens.

I hate you a little less each day.

Memories may fail when spoken

But they remain even in death.

When I find you missing my eyes well up.

I am the universe unfinished,

A fracture walled off and forgotten.

How can I entertain your cruelty

When I saw no inkling of it?

If only you had been, in some small way,

Then may be I could arrest my feelings.

For the sake of the other challenge I had to add an extra image which changed the direction of my poem.


Public Domain Pictures