Poetry Prompt 14 – Between Yesterday and Tomorrow

Clouds drape my faculties,

In my heart, the thunder wails,

A specter of my beloved.

The muse exists

Irrespective of conditionals

But at times I do not comply.

Sorrow pulls apart

My intricate skeins.

All that I have sought,

Caught and digested

Washes out with the deluge.

My poems are but the scraps

Of a brutal sentry, whatever

I write is true within

The merits of my imagination

But who am I to choose

And by what means

Shall I delegate?

My pockets are empty

But my mouth is full.

Fools are always willing

Occupants in conversation.

I am wise only when I sleep

For only then have I

The silence to contemplate

My self-treasonous reforms.

I am not inclined to judge

For what can I understand

Of you when I am solidly

Bound to the perimeters

Of my own ego. You have

Your reasons and so it always is

But do I really cease

In your existential beginnings?

We are all clues in the same

Impenetrable riddle.

I am neither truncheon nor mollusk.

I am the memory of all your

Former and future afflictions.