Do you believe in magic?

I wash my hands in your lingering perfume,

In the warmth of your dwindling substance.

We are children of paradigms,

Of monsters branded and manifest.

We are angels with dragon’s breath.

My bones have taken to defense,

To occlusions of heart and ideology.

You must know my love

Is never comparable to hate

That the line is distinct and permeable

Only in moments of distress.

My wars, my vast terrible wars

Are only ever intended

As a holocaust of one, myself.

Immobility hurts more than animation.

Silence is by far the most devastating voice.

No, no we are not dead, not yet, not ever

For the universe has more hearts than we could ever know.

Eyes levitating in the dark, phantasms, romantics

They are watching pedestaled and quintessential

They have heard our wishes and consented, at last.


I got started late on the challenge but nonetheless I am going to take it as a far as I can