Conquer the World | Day 15

Tonight we are wild with

Accusations and oversights

That accelerate with or without

Entreaty. What a terrible fate,

This blood which is too red,

This blood which solicits

No borders and in the wrong hands

Makes for murder.

My shadow is a prison,

Sound and light are not

Afforded me, we shall not

Speak of sustenance

Because a man will do

Anything to subsist

When the hunt is upon him.

In you I have fashioned a warden

Though no such person existed.

In you I have fashioned an excuse

Though you were never the reason.

Love always, for nothing else

Will satisfy the heart.

Love with force for it will

Gradually tear you apart

And you must be certain that

The pieces are held firmly

If the glue is ever to set.

It is the ones stitching

The cocoons that are

The weakest for there is

Nothing safe in being alone.

Alone with the one person

Who wishes most to harm you.

It is not love that makes us cruel

It is fear and nothing is more

Fearsome than a reflection.

We are meant to be open,

What is a door otherwise?

We are the doors of the universe

Welcome home dear one

Live within me, taste my hollows,

The foam of my raving eye.

How beautiful the sunset,

I have but one to conquer

And I offer her freely to you.

Ham-fisted lobotomies and trees

Full of black-beaked constitutes,

This is love, a stronger opponent

I have never seen and in her custody

I have all the keys I could ever need.