I was a little uncertain if I should do a prompt with the holidays in full swing but I decided to go for it! This prompt comes to you curtsey of Morpethroad. This week you many find yourself reminiscing about holidays past. Maybe you’re spending the holidays with family and friends who are chalk full of wonderful embarrassing stories about you. Maybe you find yourself nostalgic while elbow deep in a box of festive decorations.Β  Maybe you find yourself feeling homesick while trying to replicate traditional family dishes. Maybe you find yourself laughing at old photographs and/or videos. This week I invite you to share a story about holidays past.Β  I say story but of course poems, artwork, cards, music, photos and all other forms of media are welcome.

Happy Holidays everyone!


28 thoughts on “Prompt 35 Holiday Stories

  1. Christmas
    So many
    Christmas memories
    In my pack
    Too heavy to lift
    Too heavy to carry

    Memories galore
    Some good
    Some not

    As a child
    I knew
    It was pretend
    But fun to play along
    Watch the old folks
    Eyes light up
    To see
    The children
    Laugh and play
    The surprise
    Of it all

    Just you and me
    Full of love
    Like a gentle

    A child
    Of our own
    To surprise
    And please

    Were gone
    All was dark

    I started over
    Not the same
    Still another day
    To give thanks

    Years have passed
    No it’s not the same
    Will never be
    But still they call
    It Christmas

    Perhaps it
    Is the day
    That marks
    What was
    What will be
    Holds all
    The memories
    Some good
    Some not

  2. “Merry Merry Christmas

    A lovely season for sharing

    Many good reasons for caring

    Merry Merry Christmas”

    Have a lovely holiday in advance, my friend! Cheers~ πŸ˜€

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