taraminshull3Art By: Tara Minshull

My lips tighten

In graceful arcs

Like a scythe

I brandish your tongue

In self-defense


Too often I’ve forgiven

Too often you’ve forgotten

The conditions of apology

Another girl

Another drink

Another dream

Heel pressed


I couldn’t alter

The dimensions

Of your heart

So I made myself smaller

Seen and unseen

I altercate

Adjacent to actuality


A discursive expression

Of circuitous guilt

To what do I owe

This karma?

To what madness

Do I ascribe you?


She holds you between

Her thighs only

Soon enough

She’ll exhaust all possibility

And you’ll come

Knees to the pavement

Promises full of teeth


I was out of town today, really pressed for time and energy.