Birthday (Audio)

Happy_birthday_to_you_by_complejoCredit: Complejo of DeviantArt

What do I want?

As a child the blanks were easy to fill

There was always some toy, some article

Some vacuous need easily sated

A want was such a simple thing

I think I’ll have a beach ball

A set of pastels, a guitar to recount

The erosion of my innocence


I never received anything on my list

You understood my penchant

For poisons all too well mother

Understood that what is truly important

Is not the thought but the perversion

If I get her something

She’s not thought to mention

She will feel all the more relieved

That daughter of mine is so forgetful

Heaven help the poor girl

She cannot possibly know

The persuasions of her heart

That heart which is still so new

Why she’s probably written down

The first thing that’s popped into her head!


I resent that question

What do you want?

It’s not about me, this birthday

I’ve no right to celebrate in peace

I must make a spectacle of myself

For the benefit of others

For those younger than myself

Who still look forward

To the freedom of infirmity


People take such pleasure

In unnerving one another

If you succumbed to my requests

I wouldn’t be sufficiently surprised

You should have seen her face

When I handed her that pig’s heart!

The squeal of terror delight

Look how she turns it over and over

Her mute, bloody hands tremulous

(of what use it is I cannot imagine)

It’s no approximation dear one

That is a genuine pig’s heart

Strait from the butcher

So fresh it still echoes

With the hysteria of departure!


I have written you a note too

Right there beside the quip

About unwanted hair growth

And accelerated weight gain

(looks like you’re right on target!)

A card just wouldn’t be the same

If you didn’t sacrifice a few tears


Birthdays are for sadists

I’d rather spend the day selfishly

Eating gratuitous amounts of sweets

Making love, watching television

Perhaps dinner in the evening

Home-cooked and uninterrupted

By cued, overworked waiters

And their synthetic confections

Uninterrupted by song or applause

Just a simple dinner eaten

Without any concern

Whatsoever for my health


This is meant to be sarcastic so I hope you won’t take it seriously. I am making fun of how we like to scare people and make them cry on their birthdays. Personally I like birthdays and still get excited though I prefer to keep them very simple. My actual birthday is November 8th

This is for Poet’s United

Audio can be found here I tried to put a little drama in it but I am not an actress haha


Christmas Tree


Rows and rows of conifers

Dart past the window

Each one a riddle

A dream construct

Around which gifts

Are posthumously attached


I press my cold hands

Between my thighs

There’s an ax in the backseat

And a felon with a volatile temper

In the front smoking

With the window rolled down


The air tastes like

Aluminum and cremation

I am excited, cautious

And entirely insurmountable

The numbers on the white signs

Are shrinking along with the wares


We stop at the very end of the lot

The trees are dressed

In disheveled skirts of green and brown

They are beautiful

Stoic even as the blade comes

Swooping down


My father and uncle

Fasten the tree

To the roof of the car

Money exchanges hands

Poverty is contagious

No one suffers alone

Eventually the backs

On which we stand



The tree farm is owned by a family

Incomprehensibly they invite us for dinner

I have no idea if we’re related

They are probably cousins,

I have scores of unmet relatives

All over the city


Their home is modest

As far as I can tell

It’s mostly a kitchen

All the other rooms

Are dark and inanimate

The counter is filled with food

Collard greens, biscuits, fried chicken

Miscellaneous chicken parts

That smell internal


I take a seat and tuck in

Too self-conscious

For conversation

But grateful for the food

And company


This was a difficult write for me as my memories are all very sketchy!

Prompt 35 Holiday Stories


I was a little uncertain if I should do a prompt with the holidays in full swing but I decided to go for it! This prompt comes to you curtsey of Morpethroad. This week you many find yourself reminiscing about holidays past. Maybe you’re spending the holidays with family and friends who are chalk full of wonderful embarrassing stories about you. Maybe you find yourself nostalgic while elbow deep in a box of festive decorations.¬† Maybe you find yourself feeling homesick while trying to replicate traditional family dishes. Maybe you find yourself laughing at old photographs and/or videos. This week I invite you to share a story about holidays past.¬† I say story but of course poems, artwork, cards, music, photos and all other forms of media are welcome.

Happy Holidays everyone!

Prompt 19 Food


Food conjures up very different emotions/images/thoughts for all us

Starvation and poverty



Body Image








Eating Disorders

Food Service








Chocolate (ahem!)


You get the idea. This prompt is massive lol Pick one or more and run with it =) Pictures are also welcome!