Street Musician


This is the first short story I ever finished



Alexander had seen the man many times now, in the cute trinket shops along the strip, on the blood-streaked pier, on the packed boardwalk and on occasion he’d even seen him on the strand. Each time they encountered one another it was like a dance without the grand and superfluous gestures, just nuance; no words were exchanged (which would’ve ruined the entire effect), only passing over the shoulder glances. The man would pretend not to see him, pretend to be caught up in some activity and Alexander would watch the other curiously then slowly turn away, occasionally peeping over his shoulder in order to catch the man looking after him. He felt a sense of power having the stranger watching him and he could think of nothing more beautiful than the other’s downcast eyes whenever he was revealed.


Having lived a very sheltered life Alexander did not explore the…

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Prompt 32 Bridge


This weeks prompt is Bridge

Here are some ideas for you to ponder

The internet allows us to speak to people from all over the world.

WordPress is a bridge linking creative people together

Architectural bridges that allow us passage from one location to the next

Those emotional/professional ties which bind individuals/organizations together

Supernatural bridges- bridges that lead us from this world into the next

Bridges between fantasy and reality

I think you get the idea =)

All forms of media are accepted

If you a feel a rating is necessary please provide one

There is no limit on length or number of submissions

Please read and comment to your fellow participants

There is no time limit for the prompt if you don’t manage to get your submission in “on time” (the prompts are changed on Sundays) then post it to the current prompt with a note as to what prompt you are responding to.