I’ve contemplated your loss

In those moments when the threat

Of war overrides all known egress


My features would be the first to fall

For the heart cannot grasp its fatality

In the instant that it has been slain


Without you there is no use of perception

And if still intact I’d remove my eyes

Forcibly for their failure to incite in you

One iota of regenerative sympathy


My heart having been preserved

By your grace would demoralize

And I’d use its brokenness

As an excuse for all subsequent

Defamation of my moral character


My muse would pluck every feather

Ever incurred by your faith

Before heading south in search

Of more animate hosts

Leaving me with no means

To articulate or purge my grief


The world would find no aperture

With which to reenter, no fissure

Within which hope might thread

For I would…

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