loss1I realize I’ve been relogging a lot and I wonder if it has been annoying? I am not planning to reblog my entire blog by any means but my blog is very old and very large. My earliest work, which is the work I am working with, mostly consists of hastily written doodles. I have always wanted to take those notes and turn them into completed/polished poems/stories. The editing process has been very time consuming and emotional. I have put a lot of work into the process and have written more new material since I began then what I would do ordinarily.
When I was scanning my blog for my book several months ago there were a number of poems I’d labeled as trash, as irreparable. Some of those poems I’ve since “repaired”. I would like your feedback on the reblogging. Too much? Should I designate specific days for reblogs?


loss2I assign your semblance to the shadows

Of stationary objects that I might secure

Some power over where you manifest


Your side of the bed grows larger

With each planetary revolution

A night will come when I am

Swallowed completely

By these fibrous attachments


I’ve never spoken of your vacancy

Denial depends on the maintenance

Of certain superstitions and I have

Loved you too long to let you pass

From my archetype uncontested


How could I ever forget

The way you felt

Inside of me for so long

You being the locus around

Which my essence gathers

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