Only Better


You have stolen every thread

Of my sanctimonious cocoon


Too much blood and incense

Sacrifices made on good faith

Arrest the heart


My prayers

Are based on abstractions

Invasive appeals

That stagger on admission


I want to be myself

Only better

I’ve acknowledged my faults

I’d like to collect now

On my virtues


In a world where all wealth is quantifiable

Is my soul worth the burden imposed?


I watch your lips wrestling with the tides

Arms thrashing in indelible terror


Survival is adverse to life

It requires a stoicism achieved

Only by the meticulous placement

Of eyelids across the field of vision


I don’t ask for much

Only to be so beautiful

That my presence ordains

Instantaneous merit


I don’t want to fight for every inch

Only to realize I’ve fallen by the wayside


I want to be adored

In a way that crushes bones

And exhumes hearts

Previously thought dead


Behold a necromancer is in our midst

Sentiment cannot be revoked

You loved me once and it’s to that vow

That I attach all my subsequent years


Another poem from the swarming gelatinous monstrosity that is my subconscious mind


32 responses to “Only Better

  1. swarming gelatinous monstrosity? Monster of creativity then 🙂 Amazing mind you have, easily tickles my imagination. Beautiful poem.

  2. some powerful sentiments in this…not wanting to fight only to find you have fallen by the way side, is one that spoke to me…adored ina way that crushes bones as well…

  3. “I’ve acknowledged my faults
    I’d like to collect now
    On my virtues”

    My Christmas wish too. How did you know? :p

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. And a golden New Year. 🙂

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