x2-simon-siwakArt By: Simon Siwalk

Chimney smoke

And arctic currents

Synthesize obsidian

My days are black

And superficial

Too many veils

Have blinded

My sense

Of responsibility


The ego

Is my greatest

Magic trick

An interloper

Who stands outside

Of its manifestations

An impetus whose

Undercurrent swallows

The very surface

On which it stands


I am a virtuoso

Of nothing

The ammunition

For a weapon

Centuries before its time

The final sacrifice

In a string

Of incomprehensible scars


As you know I’ve had a lot of seizures, today as well. So this poem comes to your curtsey my subconscious.  My mind is like a big black oozing void and my hands just blindly type


20 responses to “Interloper

  1. With the amount of seizures you have experienced recently ma’am, I know it is your prerogative, but do you think it may be a good idea to invest in some time at a medical office? I’ve been lucky enough never to have a seizure so I do not know, but is not continued seizures something that could become exponentially bad?
    On a side note though, I find it quite amazing that your subconscious, despite being, as you say, a ‘big black ozzing void’ is capable of producing such fine literature. Some artists have reportedly orchestrated their best artistic work whilst suffering fits of medical trauma, so maybe I ought not to be surprised that your poetry fails to be anything but brilliant.
    Take care ma’am.

    • I have Epilepsy so seizures are part of my daily reality, it’s just the last 2 days they have been larger and more intense, most likely because I’ve been sick. Thank you so much for your beautiful words and compliments.

  2. oy i had hoped the seizures had passed…
    i like the last stanza…the directness of it…and the allusions you make of yourself…the ammo for the weapon before its time….into the sacrifice, makes for an interesting contrast….

  3. It amazes me how you write so well under such stressful situations. I hate that you are suffering so much. My thoughts are with you, Dear Friend!!! Much love sent your way….

  4. talent, it’s great to hear the rhythm, that chaos that no one but the writer understands, check out my blog, there is a picture on it, taken from the skies, it’s the man with the open book, the world is brightening up, happy new year, pass it on, amen

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