Prompt 35 Holiday Stories


I was a little uncertain if I should do a prompt with the holidays in full swing but I decided to go for it! This prompt comes to you curtsey of Morpethroad. This week you many find yourself reminiscing about holidays past. Maybe you’re spending the holidays with family and friends who are chalk full of wonderful embarrassing stories about you. Maybe you find yourself nostalgic while elbow deep in a box of festive decorations.  Maybe you find yourself feeling homesick while trying to replicate traditional family dishes. Maybe you find yourself laughing at old photographs and/or videos. This week I invite you to share a story about holidays past.  I say story but of course poems, artwork, cards, music, photos and all other forms of media are welcome.

Happy Holidays everyone!




These absinthian moods

Dissolve in occupancy

This heart, worm-ridden,

Collapses under pressure

Creases at every seam

Slips morosely

Into the small intestine

Assimilates in the cells


Incoherent filaments adrift

A nameless pain

An insipid hunger

Appeased in the simple act

Of mastication

All I ever wanted

Was to feel whole


The warmth of consumption

Rekindles my tongue

A tongue palate-stitched

In the presence of injustice

I became

That which I kept


The punishing guilt

The shame

Demons whose physiognomy

Overtook my own

Demons who destroy

The lovers they seize


I am invincible in darkness

The way I endure

Even when reduced

To nothing

I wear a child’s smile

That you might hesitate

To strike

I speak to myself

In your voice, father

If I am not beautiful

If I am not promiscuous

Then I will never be loved

I am neither

So I stand with the weight

Of this extra flesh

And I pretend

That food can fill

Every void within


If I grow bigger than you

Perhaps then you will not possess

The power to hurt me

The desire to rape me

I will be as formidable

And concentrated as stone

A holy monolith

Complete in and of itself


When I was a child I was overweight and though I am now a healthy weight and have not been overweight for years (a few pounds overweight right after I gave birth) I still struggle with food. I think of food obsessively. When I finish one meal I am planning the next. I won’t go out if I don’t think food will be readily available. I can eat horrific amounts and don’t get full the way others do (an empty stomach freaks me out) I almost never go back for seconds but I will never leave a plate uncleaned so I always portion my plate properly so I can eat everything on it. I hate my body emotionally even though intellectually I understand it is a normal body, a good body in what it allows me to do but I look at it and I still see that fat girl. While usually I tune society out I admit the unrealistic expectations get to me as well.


Prompt 19 Food


Food conjures up very different emotions/images/thoughts for all us

Starvation and poverty



Body Image








Eating Disorders

Food Service








Chocolate (ahem!)


You get the idea. This prompt is massive lol Pick one or more and run with it =) Pictures are also welcome!

Blog Challenge 21 10 Favorite Foods


  1. Joy Roll (inari, panko, kanpyo, cream cheese, avocado, sesame seed) as I can no longer have this unless I make it at home with GF bread crumbs I guess it would be the Boston Roll (shrimp, avocado, mayo)
  2. Cherries, mango, strawberries, and grapes oh my! Actually I love most fruits
  3. Sam’s Onigiri (fresh salmon with a miso mayonnaise type sauce in a warm, comforting cocoon of rice)
  4. Chorizo (I know its horrifically unhealthy but I love adding it too baked beans and rice)
  5. Bok Choy specifically Stir-Fried Sesame Bok Choy but I love it prepared in any way
  6. Sweet Potato fries (only if homemade)
  7. Split Pea Soup (I eat this much my husband worries about me haha)
  8. Turkey prepared in most ways
  9. Miso Eggplant with Paprika (I should just put Miso lol)
  10. Kale unfortunately it is only available for X-mas here so its a treat

(I want to apologize for not visiting more blogs lately. This year I forget when precisely I started to notice a substantial decline in my vision and so I got glasses. That helped and for a while my eyes were doing great even without the glasses but because I have been reading and writing so much lately my vision even with the glasses has started to get very blurry. I am having a real problem with eye fatigue so if anyone has any tips please share!)

Blog Challenge 12 The Fridge!


Fascinating I am sure lol



Yoghurt of various types


Cheese/Laughing Cow Cheese



Spinach, zucchini, cucumbers, carrots, eggplant, ginger, paprika, asparagus, mushrooms, already diced garlic because I hate cutting garlic), burdock root usually, olives, Bok Choy, chives, broccoli

Strawberries, grapes, ½ grapefruit

Miso Paste

Sandwich meat

Potato Salad (from a BBQ)

Asian sauces and basic condiments

Tomato Soup and tomato sauce


Leftover rice


GF Bread




Frozen fruit for smoothies

Frozen peas


Frozen fried tofu

Fake ground mean (weirdly I don’t like real ground meat lol)

Day 11 Blog Challenge: 15 Things You Love

Candice and Sam

Falling asleep in Sam’s arms
Isadora’s laughter
Eating candy and watching anime with the hubster at the end of the day
Sushi (right now I am crazy about the Boston Roll)
Trees I love taking walks, just being near nature really lifts my moods
Writing poetry in the early morning when its quiet (this is so rare but so precious)
Ben and Jerry’s icecream haha
Eating Sam’s home-cooked meals, he is really an incredible cook
Dancing like mad with Isadora
Crawling into a comfy bed when I am really tired
Trying out a new workout video
Eating fruit that I have picked (my in-laws grow some fruit at their summerhouse)
Reading something brilliant that moves me
Planescape Torment not just the game but the philosophies, the world, the characters everything
Buying clothes for Isadora (its just more fun to shop for her than myself she’s so cute lol)


(old picture of me and Sam for our 20s)