The Mind Freak Circus By OrmHuz

OrmHuz@Deviant Art

The pauses in our conversations,

Unraveled, could circumnavigate

The globe again and again

As if a needle in a groove

So oft revisited that it stutters.

We’ve grown apart

But the stitches do not give

A hem of scars like a constellation

Of indistinct faces.


The silence is extravagant

Like the howl of a coyote

A stigmata wrapped in eyelashes

A dusty jewel, cold as a corpse’s tears

The betrayal of your footsteps

As you pass from my boundaries

And cross illicitly into hers.


Your fingers reflect

Against my flesh

Like blades of lightening

There is no reverence

In their application.

My womb is full of splinters

Of your wooden sperm

Delivered at intervals

And from a distance

Not reflected

By our mixed filaments.


I trace your smiling mouth

And wonder if the picture

Was taken upside down

By mistake

Because I don’t remember

Your lips ever reaching

That altitude.


Our misery has a longevity

Worthy of distinction

So long has she prowled

Flanked by our bones

And incessant for want

Of tenderness

We no longer exist

Without her

We are the exception

Not she,

She is the tigress, the star

Of this unmanned circus


I have been doing a lot rewrites lately and that is largely because I am hard at work on my second book “The Necessity of Flowers”. Like my first book I am aiming for 100 poems. Right now I have 81 poems (there are more than enough poems on my blog of course but there is so much on my blog that it takes a while to sort). Melanie is away (for happy reasons) so I am not sure if I will have to find another editor.


19 thoughts on “Circus

  1. This is so wonderful and a wonderful news for your second book. I liked the reference of wooden sperm in the poem.
    I would like to read your book but I’m myself busy these days working on my first novel. Definitely when I’m done with this book in progress. I’m sure “The Necessity of Flowers” will be launched by then 🙂

    1. That’s great news about your novel! I can’t even estimate the date of launch. If I work hard I might get the poems together in a few days/weeks (the last few are the hardest to find) an then of course I have to read them each a gazillion times to make sure they are just what I want. Melanie is very quick at editing but that time varies a good deal between people and I am not sure she is available right now. Oloriel has begum work on the cover and she is hard worker. But then my husband puts everything together and we are moving soon and once that happens we will both have a tremendous amount of work to do. So if I haven’t gotten it together by the end of the year it could take several months. I don’t want to rush and turn out something that isn’t high quality so it gets done whenever I am happy with it lol

      1. You guys are a good team, no doubt the end product is going to be a masterpiece. I too don’t want to rush with my novel but I set a deadline for myself so I don’t delay it any further. This is just how I like to play with my mind to get disciplined. 😉 I’m hoping to finish the unedited version before 2014 ends and will start working on editing part. I know this is going to be a lot of work. Let’s see how things and story unfolds. I wish you guys all the very best for the project.

      2. They are fabulous I could ask for better people in my corner =) I write everyday to help with discipline and exercise because I have tendency toward disorder and procrastination and just general unproductive ramblings. I am excited to see and best of luck to you!

      3. Procrastination is an easy way out, we all often fall in this trap. Only the brave gets out from it, but again, it is a continuous process. I’m trying to never let it catch me 😉
        Thank you for all the support!!

      4. I find I am more productive in the morning so I tend to get the bulk of my work done then (I wake up early everyday to make use of my best hours), after dinner I am just useless lol

  2. This is wonderfully rapturous – metaphors that have me hooked and reeling – and of course, I wish you time and energy to get everything together – in the best of fashions for your next book. (I have your first on my to buy list, when I have some $ to spare.) And so – great works to you and once again, I am enthralled 😀

  3. Something to look forward to 🙂
    A poem rich in imagery, Yves. I’m always delighted and amazed at how your brain works!

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